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Clickomania next generation web scores: 4Farben, Actions, Classic, Freaky, Online

Those are the best players, who have uploaded their results in a clickomania game …

Game played: Actions.

RankNameMail or commentPointsStones leftTime (sec)Best moveDate
1PapEnreda Poshchimbongo Bharot16081135914.09.19 0:01
2Jo:-)1319049813.09.19 21:24
3BujdiHungary1319044715.09.19 12:26
4BujdiHungary1312054914.09.19 13:57
5BujdiHungary12881491016.09.19 16:41
6Jo:-)1272434615.09.19 21:10
7Jo:-)1270438611.09.19 21:16
8Jo:-)1217944913.09.19 8:30
9Jo:-)1203951711.09.19 21:08
10Jo:-)11110291313.09.19 7:49
11BujdiHungary1087040915.09.19 17:50

Since September 7 2004, this game has been played 285�227 times.

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